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Udemy - Asp.Net MVC With Entity Framework From Scratch

Udemy - Asp.Net MVC With Entity Framework From Scratch
MP4 | AVC 409kbps | English | 1280x720 | 30fps | 10 hours | AAC stereo 65kbps | 1.62 GB
Genre: Video Training

Entity Framework is a latest approach for data access and this course contains all the stuff required to start with AdoNet Entity Framework. As there are two ways of working with entity framework i.e., ObjectContext and DbContext. As a start this course contains all the stuff with ObjectContext and it covers all the areas that a normal developer needs to know to work on any project with entity framework as data access layer.

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Udemy - R - Business Analytics Using R Programming

Udemy - R - Business Analytics Using R Programming
MP4 | AVC 470kbps | English | 1280x720 | 30fps | 17 hours | AAC stereo 59kbps | 2.68 GB
Genre: Video Training

This course ensure quick learning in a simplified way. It explains the most important aspects of working on data and conduct analysis through example. You will start by learning how to install and navigate R studio. Learn Data/Object Types and Operations, Importing into R, and Loops and Conditions. you will be introduced to the use of R in Analytics, where you will learn a little about each object type in R and use that in Data Mining/Analytical Operations. learn the use of R in Statistics, using R to evaluate Descriptive Statistics, Probability Distributions, Hypothesis Testing, Linear Modeling, Generalized Linear Models, Non-Linear Regression, and Trees. Learn to create 2-dimensional Univariate and Multi-variate Descriptions.

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Udemy - Learn Nodejs by building 10 projects

Udemy - Learn Nodejs by building 10 projects
MP4 | AVC 524kbps | English | 1280x720 | 30fps | 19 hours | AAC stereo 63kbps | 3.69 GB
Genre: Video Training

Nodejs is open source cross platform environment for creating server side and network applications. It is built on the Chrome's javascript Runtime and can be used to build large scale web applications to quick time. It uses non blocken I/O and even driven model to allow creation of lightweight and highly scalable web applications. Our training program emphasizes on practical application of this amazing technology and will teach you nodejs development using real world application development.

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Udemy - How to Create a Wordpress Website from Scratch - No Coding

Udemy - How to Create a Wordpress Website from Scratch - No Coding
MP4 | AVC 463kbps | English | 1280x720 | 30fps | 3 hours | AAC stereo 58kbps | 856 MB
Genre: Video Training

Make a website by learning to register a domain, set up web hosting, and install/use WordPress. No experience required. Learn how to make a website from scratch in just a few hours. I've cut out the fluff, so that you only learn what's most essential, as quickly as possible. You'll learn exactly what you need to know to get your website live on the internet, and start customizing it with WordPress. No coding and no experience required.

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Udemy Modal Theory for Guitar (Guitar Lessons from Lutz Academy) TUTORiAL

P2P | October 11 2016 | 3.53 GB

Master The 7 Modes & Learn How to Apply Them

This Lutz Academy Master Class will take you through all seven modes! Presented in a 9-part video series and paired with shape print-outs for each mode, Jared Cattoor will guide you step-by-step through each mode as you learn the construction, theory, and application of this complex concept

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Udemy - Angular 2 From The Ground Up (Updated)

Udemy - Angular 2 From The Ground Up (Updated) | 1.99 GB
Genre: E-Learning

Learn Angular 2, the new version of the wildly popular javascript web framework created by Google.

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Udemy - Blues Guitar Lessons - Volume 3 - Minor Blues Essentials TUTORiAL

P2P 22 February 2016 | 1.99 GB

Get that biting, mean, minor blues sound today!

An essential study to help take your blues playing to new heights!

This 14-part series of lessons, taught by top UK session guitarist, Bobby Harrison, is the third instalment of our Blues Guitar series. We've learned how to solo over both a shuffle groove and a slow blues progression, but now it's time to turn our attention to minor blues playing.

Category: Tutorials | Keywords: Udemy, Blues, Guitar, Lessons, Volume, Minor, Blues, Essentials, TUTORiAL Read More
Udemy - SOUND for Film and Television TUTORiAL

P2P Sept 09 2015 | 1.36 GB

A 2-1/2-hour, entertaining, funny, and immersive romp into what you need to know to start getting great sound.

You've heard it said -- in video and film, AUDIO is 70% of what you see. The sound you record on set can be the biggest obstacle to achieving truly professional results in your production. But it's also one of the easiest things to get right!

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Udemy - The Aspiring Recording Artists Complete Guide to Singing! TUTORiAL

P2P 23 January 2016 | 3.15 GB

Your voice is an amazing and delicate instrument and breathing is the foundation of singing. In this class you will learn how your instrument is built and how to use it efficiently and make the most when expressing your inner feelings through music.

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Udemy - Beginners : Google's Go (golang) Programming Language
Beginners : Google's Go (golang) Programming Language
MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 8.5 Hours | Lec: 63 | 1.31 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

simply clever! Learn the Language that most professionals use today & future ..!

Category: Tutorials | Keywords: Udemy, Beginners, Google, golang, Programming, Language Read More
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