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Eisklotz - Seamless Texture Bundle
Eisklotz - Seamless Texture Bundle | 755 MB

The Seamless Textures Bundle 01 is a collection of 65 PBR ready seamless textures in 4K resolution. They are working perfectly in your favorite render and game engine.

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DOSCH DESIGN - DOSCH Textures: Construction XT
DOSCH Textures - Construction XT | 3.83 GB

The product Dosch Textures: Construction XT contains over 100 high resolution, seamless tileable textures which can be applied to 3D-models spanning a multitude of themes, or used in many computer graphics software packages (incl. Photoshop).

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CGTextures FULL Complete Collection
CGTextures FULL Complete Collection | 37.8 GB

CGTextures strives to be the world's best texture site. Being a 3D artist myself, I know how difficult it is to create textures without good photo materials.

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Arroway Textures- Design & Craft - Volume One (Complete)
Arroway Textures- Design & Craft - Volume One (Complete) | 24.7 GB

This collection contains 26 different leather texture sets. We carefully chose a wide range of types and styles of leather commonly used for furniture and interior decoration. Apart from a plethora of standard leathers, there are also various vintage and rustic leathers, leathers with special coatings and treatments, suede and split leathers, as well as a number of exotic leathers.

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Poliigon - High Resolution Architecture Textures 3K
Poliigon - High Resolution Architecture Textures 3K

A collection of high quality textures for use in architectural visualization.
For every texture there is a Diffuse, displacement, normal and specular map.

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DIFFUSION 3 : Premium VRAYforC4D Materials
MuseCreative: Diffusion 03 - Designer Shaders for VrayforC4D

Whats in the pack?
These 40 realistic materials cover popular architectural, leather, metal, stone and wooden surfaces. Every material is image based, allowing you to utilise your favourite render engine without any compromise of quality.

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The Pixel Lab - Pixel Lab Material Pack for Octane Render
The Pixel Lab Material Pack for Octane C4D

The Pixel Lab Material Pack for Octane includes over 500 C4D materials / textures to help you speed up your workflow and focus on being creative! OctaneRender has taken the world by storm and is setting the bar high for GPU renderers.

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Grunge Concrete Textures

Grunge Concrete Textures
8 JPG | 60 Mb

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Floral Seamless Patterns - Creativemarket 49424

Floral Seamless Patterns - Creativemarket 49424
10 Floral patterns: 9 patterns with beautiful flowers - roses, tulips, cherry blossom, iris, poppies, verbena and 1 pattern with decorative feathers. Cute and elegant floral backgrounds, perfect for wedding invitations, greeting cards, life events invitations, scrapbooking, gift wrap, print, manufacturing.
10 JPG + 10 EPS | 4167x4167 px | 300dpi | 92 Mb

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10 Colorful Backgrounds

10 Colorful Backgrounds
10 JPG | 1600x1200 | 2 Mb

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